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Hola muchacho[redakti]

No se si me entienda, pero debes proteger la portada, es decir bloquearla para que no se pueda, revertí un vandalismo de página. plagada de span. Protect the Ĉefpaĝo. -- 22:35, 26. Maj 2005 (UTC) es:Usuario:Unnio

Request for bot flag : DragonBot[redakti]

Hello, I am operator of a bot, DragonBot, and would like to have the bot flag. Here are some details about the bot, feel free to ask any questions!

  • Operator : Chtit draco
  • Purpose : Adding interwiki links.
  • Script used : pywikipedia
  • Already has the bot flag on : fr,de,en,pl,sl,bg,hu,ja,no,gl,he,it,tr,sv,nl,bs,el,zh,ku
  • I have run the bot for foolproofing, you can see its edits here!

Thanks! Chtit draco 06:56, 9. Sep 2007 (UTC)

לערי ריינהארט[redakti]

Saluton Arno! Vi estas « burokrato» ĉe « Vikicitaro:eo: » . Bv. ŝanĝi mian ekrannomon klakante ĉi tien. Antaŭdankon! Amike Gangleri
‫·‏לערי ריינהארט‏·‏T‏·‏m‏:‏Th‏·‏T‏·‏email me‏·‏‬ 14:23, 18. Dec 2007 (UTC)

Wikiquote interlanguage communication[redakti]

Hi, I'm Nemo from the Italian language Wikiquote and I'm writing you (via a bot) because you're an administrator of Wikiquote in this language; please excuse me if you've received this message more than once.
The simple thing that I want you to know is that Wikiquote has an official mailing list, Wikiquote-l, which can be used to communicate and discuss matters which interest all Wikiquotes. This mailing list was last "advertised" about three or four years ago, before many of us joined Wikiquote, and is currently almost not participated at all by Wikiquote users and very low-traffic. I ask you to subscribe, to participate in discussions and to write about your Wikiquote.
I love Wikiquote, as you probably do, and I think that we should be proud of what we do here, share our experiences and good practices to make Wikiquote better and raise awareness of it.
I remind you that Meta-Wiki is the best place for Wikimedia projects coordination, and it contains several pages about Wikiquote, and specifically this talk page which can be used to discuss about Wikiquote if you don't like mailing lists.
I hope that this message has been useful for you. Cheers, Nemo (write me) 10:12, 14. Dec 2010 (UTC)